Want to know what changed my life? Jesus + Therapy. That's right, by faith I believed that God could heal me but I also knew I had a role to play in my healing. It was my faith in Him that I could do the hard work (being transparent and willing to go back and deal with my past, my struggles and my issues). I did the workd and will continue to do.


Faith without works is dead - James 2:26 


Let's dispel the stigma of therpay and counseling and tell the world that mental health is real and does not signify a lack of faith! We can live whole lives through Christ!

Jesus + Therapy T-Shirt

  • T-Shirts comes in either Ladies or Unisex cut.

    Ladies cut are tighter and it is recommended to go up 1 size. 

    Unisex cut are recommened for men or ladies who prefer a little more room. True to size.

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