Who is Lady Charlet 

Charlet Lewis, affectionately referred to as "Lady Charlet," is 

the wife of Tony Lewis, Senior Pastor of Light of Life Church, a ministry focused on the least, the lost and the left out.


She is a licensed and ordained Minister of the gospel, a Speaker & Teacher, a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist ®, and a published Author of 2 books.


Her own journey through grief recovery after the loss of her 

father, mother, brother and multiple miscarriages has allowed her the compassion to guide anyone struggling with

loss towards their own healing and recovery.


She is known for her transparency, endless love, wisdom and 

humor, which she pours unreservedly into anyone she meets. Her passion is to help women discover their God-given 

potential and purpose by conquering their past in order to embrace their future. She does not taker herself so serious and humorous stories andconcepts from her own life to 

inspire, encourage, advocate and teach. Her teachings inspire and challenge women to develop a strong relationship with 

God and to strive toward emotional and spiritual health.

She takes her responsibilities as a wife of 19 years, mom of 4 ranging from the ages of 9 to 26, executive pastor, and advocate for women very seriously, yet always with a sprinkle of humor and fun. 

 What you thought disqualified you is the very thing that will qualify you."

Let women of all walks of life know that they are love, beautiful, and worthy of change. That they can overcome and start over today. It’s never too late for a brand new you.

Motivate and encourage women to embrace who they are, that their story is important, and that they are worth the change. 



Encourage and motivate women to believe in themselves, not be embarrassed by their past, do the work required to heal, and then use their testimony to help other women. Paying it forward. 


  1.  Help them overcome

  2.  Support their journey of healing

  3.  Send them out to help others

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